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In days gone by, the Banyan tree provided shelter to weary travellers. Symbolising the relief and comfort provided by nature, we adopted the name for our special group of hotels that stretch across the globe and offer rest and relaxation to the world-weary. With attentive yet discreet service and associates representing more than 50 nationalities, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts provide naturally-luxurious, ecological, culturally-sensitive experiences.

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has grown into one of the world's leading international operators in the hospitality and spa industry that manages more than 48 resorts and hotels, 64 spas, 74 retail galleries and three championship golf courses in 28 countries.

The company has created hotels and resorts to suit your needs and lifestyle built on a foundation of sustainability. Find out more about our destinations in English and Simplified Chinese.



Our Beginnings

Sustainability From The Start

Thirty years ago, our founders purchased a vast expanse of coastal land in Phuket, Thailand punctuated by lagoons of the most intense cobalt blue. Only to discover that its beauty came not from Mother Nature, but the pollution by the previous tenant, a tin mine. Rather than walk away, they dedicated themselves to cleansing the acid-laden soil by planting more than 7,000 trees. In doing so, they transformed this ecological wasteland into the first environmentally sensitive Banyan Tree resort in 1994. Since those beginnings our passion and focus on the journey, discovery and the romance of travel remains at the core of our business today.

The Experience

For The Needs Of Travellers

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has created a family of brands to cater to the needs of today's travellers. Whether our guests are travelling for romance, a family holiday, business, visiting family or friends, or going on an adventure to discovering a far-flung destination, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is the ideal choice. For hotel owners, our four brands offer distinctive product offerings that cater to different locations and potential for various destinations.


" Banyan Tree provides naturally-luxurious, ecological, culture-sensitive experiences for the discerning, responsible traveller "


A Sanctuary For The Senses

Rediscover the romance of travel as you journey to iconic cities or far flung destinations where authentic, memorable experiences await providing a true appreciation of where you are in the world. Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has created a locally-infused sanctuary offering a place to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul in awe-inspiring locations around the globe. Understated-luxury, Banyan Tree is an all villa concept often with pools located in stunning destinations around the world. In gateway cities, Banyan Tree has developed tropical garden villas and suites creating an urban oasis. Banyan Tree, a Sanctuary for the Senses.

29Hotels & Resorts
10 Countries

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Sensing The Moment

Angsana brings the adventure back into travel whatever your age or reason to visit. Intertwining local chic and a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere, Angsana creates amazing destination playgrounds across the world. The opportunity to surprise yourself and create lasting memories is everywhere at Angsana – whether you are tasting a local delicacy for the first time, trying out a new activity or forming new friendships. Each hotel is uniquely designed to provide spacious stylish rooms and suites perfect for couples, families and friends. Angsana, Sensing The Moment.

15 Hotels & Resorts
10 Countries

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Live, Laugh, Love Your Way

A new approach to hospitality by Banyan Tree, Cassia seamlessly weaves living and holidaying together in the niche between hotel and apartment. Designed with the independent traveller in mind Cassia allows guests to define the terms of their stay through making their own choices. A truly connected environment and clever design provides the space and dynamic atmosphere to enjoy living while away from home. Each Cassia is designed with one and two-bedroom units that provide a complete home from home experience, perfect for young families, couples, and groups of friends.

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" Immerse into a host culture, enrich your stay and return home with authentic, rewarding memories "


Be Here. Be You.

At Dhawa, it’s all about you. A contemporary, casual and creative hotel where you call the shots. You can discover the destination, or just discover your cocoon (that’s your bedroom). So roll the dice and decide. Choose what you want to do & choose who you want to be. Be sassy. Be sweet. Fly high or lie low. Get out or stay in. Be party. Be worky. Be lazy. Be crazy. There’s no room for the ordinary.

2 Hotel & Resort
2 Countries

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Angsana Vacation Club

Angsana Vacation Club transports you to exotic locales with contemporary Angsana resorts, trendy Cassia hotel residence concept and romantic Banyan Tree resorts in some of the most exciting destinations. You and your loved ones will enjoy indulgent treats and immerse in cultural insights in diverse locations.

Angsana Vacation Club Membership allows you access to an expanding portfolio of vacation homes, located around the world. Experience the modern comforts of a private vacation home with full resort service and amenities such as award-winning spas, fine-dining, beaches, pools, fitness clubs and more. Pamper yourself with this gift of an unforgettable lifestyle.

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Banyan Tree Private Collection

Brings You Over 100 Unique Destination For Life Time Travel

Members can enjoy yearly escapes in private villas set in the most sought after locations around the globe, includes Bali, Phuket, France, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Seychelles, as well as Africa, USA and United Kingdom.

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Under The Banyan Tree

Under The Banyan Tree is a bi-annual magazine of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. An interesting and engaging read, it features stories on amazing journeys and unique experiences for guests to relax, reflect and be inspired for their next travel adventure.


Stay For Good

Do Well And Do Good

In our view the mission of business and the purpose of growth are to build a better society for all. We see sustainability not only in terms of the environment, but also in terms of the benefit to the communities we operate in. This has been Banyan Tree's ethos since the company was founded and continues to be the guiding principle. We created ‘Stay for Good' which encompasses our sustainability efforts and encourages our guests to get involved through a number of new initiatives. We believe we can do well and do good at the same time.

Meet For Good

A Sustainable Events Operator

As the first hotel group to achieve accreditation by EarthCheck’s Responsible Meetings & Events Standard, Banyan Tree has launched its Meet for Good initiative in 2015 to support sustainable MICE services and products across its hotels and resorts. Banyan Tree is proud to announce that six hotels in five destinations have been verified by EarthCheck as passing the criteria set for the Responsible Meetings & Events Standard. With these venues accredited by EarthCheck, organisations choosing Banyan Tree or Angsana can feel confident that their responsible meetings offer a sustainable choice for both their business and the planet.

Green Imperative Fund

Giving Back To The Community

The Green Imperative Fund, forms part of the Stay For Good programme, which crowd sources micro-contributions from our guests during their stay with every dollar matched by Banyan Tree. Since the fund's inception in 2001, the Green Imperative Fun has raised more than US$7 million, disbursing over US$4.1 million in support of worthy social and environmental efforts whereby the primary beneficiary is external to Banyan Tree.

Greening Communities Together

World Environment Day Celebration

From 1 – 7 June all our hotels around the world commit to plant two trees per room night as a gesture of environment conservation and habit protection. You are invited to get involved and be part of this planting effort during this week each year.

Seedlings Mentorships

Plant A Seed, Change A Life

Launched in 2007 to nurture young people at risk of societal exclusion, Seedlings Mentorships aims to provide young people with the motivation and means for completing their education in preparation for entering the labour force. A concerted effort to harness Banyan Tree’s core competencies to support enhanced long term prosperity within communities, this two phase programme benefits the community at large by providing the next generation with educational opportunities. This in turn allows communities to break the poverty cycle as education is a strong tool for empowerment.

Feeding Communities Together

World Food Day Celebration

From 12 – 18 October all our hotels and resorts around the world will support and empower communities through food. You are invited to support and serve host communities by preparing and serving meals for local community members.


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